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Waivers Can Help Immigrants Gain the Status They Want

If you are being deported or are seeking entry into the United States but fail to meet a prerequisite for admission, it may still be possible to gain the immigration status you desire through a waiver. If granted, a waiver will allow you to enter the country as if you meet all the requirements. The Iyer PLLC team can help you through the waiver application process. We understand what it is like to be an immigrant and will work tirelessly to represent you and provide you with the best advice possible. 

If an immigrant seeks admission to the United States, there are certain requirements they must meet in order to obtain entry. While some requirements are specific to the status under which they seek entry, more general requirements apply to each case. 

Often, a noncitizen may need a waiver for: 

  • An immigration offense
  • A crime
  • A health or vaccination issue
  • Fraud or misrepresentation
  • Prior deportation or order of removal
  • Missing documents

If any of these categories apply to you, you may need a waiver before you are admissible to the United States.

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Diversity Strengthens the U.S.

We want you to succeed in your immigration attempt and strengthen the American community. We believe diversity strengthens this country and will work to provide you with the best immigration law services, so you have the best chance of success. 

If you fall into one of the categories of inadmissibility, it may still be possible for you to enter the United States through an exemption or waiver of that requirement. 

The procedure to obtain a waiver differs depending on the ground of inadmissibility. Possible ways to request waiver include by filing Form I-601, Form I-601A, or Form I-212, although there may also be other ways.. The waiver process will usually require submitting detailed information to the government regarding your inadmissibility and how you are eligible for a waiver. 

The precise information that you give will depend on the nature of the inadmissibility and your reasons for seeking a waiver.  Thus, it is best to have an attorney help you with this process — the more relevant evidence and better legal arguments that you provide, the more likely it is that you will be able to receive a waiver. 

Seek Out Legal Help for Your Waiver Application

Waivers may be difficult to obtain, so it is important to strengthen your application to the maximum extent possible.  A waiver may be your only chance at immigrating to the United States for the long-term or otherwise for obtaining your desired immigration status. 

Iyer PLLC’s talented legal team can aid you through the waiver process. We will discuss your case with you, research the best legal arguments regarding your circumstances, and argue zealously for your best interests

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