Deferred Action for Venezuelans

Venezuelans who are present in the United States as of January 20, 2021, are now eligible for Deferred Enforced Departure ("DED") for an 18-month period, including work permits.  However, certain applicants are ineligible, including those who (1) have voluntarily returned to Venezuela; (2) do not continuously reside in the United States from January 20, 2021; (3) are inadmissible or deportable for certain security grounds; (4) have been convicted of certain crimes; (5) have been deported, excluded, or removed before January 20, 2021; (6) are subject to extradition; (7) are deemed to pose a danger to U.S. public safety; and (8) may reasonably cause potentially serious adverse consequences if admitted.


Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans are likely eligible. To determine if you qualify, call us at (832) 403-3333 to schedule a legal consultation.  


No legal advice here.  Advertisement material.  

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